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Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Hello friends! I want to extend a deep thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this first issue of Husk: Even Death Fears the End!

Patrons are already reading issue 2 right now! If you want early access to the next issue, join the community over on Patreon!

Pages will be published every other Wednesday.

Husk is a story that comes from a deeply personal place, as my journey to find out what it meant for me to be queer, mixed and chicane led me to learn about Mexica cosmology and the cyclical relationship between life and death, the mythos surrounding Xolotl, and the five deaths a person goes through in their lifetime.

This resonated deeply with me - as someone who has struggled most of my life with anxiety, even the most trivial changes or unknowns that natually come with life can often feel as intimidating as looking death in the eye.

As I wrote this story - pulling from my own experiences and giving them a shiny coat of "supernatual" - I, too, have been working through my own "death": shedding fears and insecurities so I may move forward and embody a stronger sense of indentity, pride and love for the asexual, non-binary mixed chicane I am.

I hope that you find this series entertaining as fun, and maybe. . . perhaps Husk will have something that resonates with you too.

Many thanks for being here, and I hope you enjoy what the future holds for Husk! -AL (They/Them/Él/Elle)

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